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What We Do

As a digital media agency, we specialize in cultivating the seeds of creative brands and people through social media platforms. We are the energy behind our brands to help them engage and create digital communities through a variety of social media platforms. No matter what phase your digital brand is in, we can help you create and execute a strategy that will evolve with your business.

Our Process

Simple and integrated. We understand that many of our clients are emerging or cautiously expanding into the digital space. Our clients set the pace and we guide them through our effective workflow. More importantly we build trust through team integration. We are open (and actually prefer) to engage with members of all the key functions of the client’s business to help build trust and cohesion in our partnership.

Why Partner With Us?

We choose to create an authentic and holistic partnership experience with our clients. We believe that this approach creates relationship sustainability with your customers both online and off by focusing on high engagement and connectivity.  Also, as lovers of the arts our niche clients are creative people and brands. We know that they’re focused on their art and we work to ensure it comes alive in the digital world.

Organic Fusion: Digital Event – Scandal Watch DC

Organic Fusion: Digital Event – Scandal Watch DC

October 3, 2013 · in Client News, Uncategorized ·

A certain member of our team, (our CEO Leticia), LOVES the tv show Scandal! So we are excited to participate in tonight’s Scandal Watch DC event! Make sure you follow the event producer @LSP_OnTheGo on Twitter, as we power up … Continued

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We want our creative collaborations to cultivate the success of our client's brands.